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  1. The new tone was evident last week during trips to Michigan, Arizona and Tennessee, where he touted the government bailout of the auto industry, unveiled new housing measures and called for free community college This week, he is focusing on information technology and cybersecurity with events in Washington and Iowa WASHINGTON AP Б For most of last year, President Barack Obama tempered his pitch on the economy: It may be improving, he would say, but millions of Americans had yet to benefit from the rebound In recent years, the events have transformed from honorary banquets to ticketed, star-studded concerts and lavish balls Donors gain access to events and also can get their names splashed in programs and across other marketing materials БEveryone is groping and grasping, Б he says БPeople are turning to Buddhism, Christianity, self-help, and Taoism CEOs and billionaires run around with their spiritual masters and visit meditation roomsБ


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